Angie & Emily

In January of 1995, in the span of 4 days, I lost Angie, my wonderful friend of nine years, to a heart attack; and Emily, the 5 year-old daughter of family friends, to leukemia.
Each of these people was the very soul of love and courage.  Everyone who knew them will miss them profoundly.  I certainly do.

Rainbows aren't as bright.
Polka Dots aren't as fun.



A very lucky citizen of nature makes a new friend.
Spring and a good book - what more could you need?

A perfect end to a perfect day.
A grape for your thoughts.


Over the years since that terrible week, I have tried to find a way to express how much these two people meant to me.  Following are some of the humble attempts...

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New Horizons.

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Comet Emily.

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Tell someone you love them.   So suddenly it can be far too late.


All photos and artwork - (c)1995-1999 Bob Harrington (except for Richard Bach quote in Farewells)